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Billcue Online Accounting FAQ

Q1. Who owns the data/information that you enter?
A. All of your personal and financial information remains your property. Billcue online accounting is merely holding the data on your behalf.

Q2. How is my information secured?
A. Billcue has security in place to protect your personal or confidential information over the internet. Billcue utilises Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology which creates a private conversation that only your computer and the systems can understand. This operates any time you supply or access personal or confidential information. This SSL technology encodes information as it is being sent over the internet between your computer and ours, helping to ensure that the transmitted information remains confidential.
Your login details are encryped and salted, never sent via email, and are not accessible by Billcue staff.

Q3. Will my information / data ever be provided to another party?
A. Billcue will keep all of your information and data confidential. The data/ information will never be made available or distributed to any other party.

Q4. What happens if I do not make a payment?
A. You may use the system and obtain all the benefits provided your monthly subscription is paid for. In the event that payment is not made, your access will be automatically suspended until your payment is successful.

Q5. Can I have all or some of my records deleted?
A. Yes. You can delete invoices, recurring invoices, expense records, clients and quotes. Any of your data can be deleted permanently by you at any time, and closing your account will also delete all of it permanently.

Q6. Do I need to buy any software to utilise Billcue?
A. As Billcue is a web-based application you do not need to purchase, download or install any software. We recommend the Chrome browser or Firefox, but if you can only use Internet Explorer, for security and ease of use we suggest the latest version.

Q7. Do I have to pay for any upgrades?
A. No. All upgrades and most additional features are provided at no additional cost.

Q8. Does Billcue collect money from my customers?
A. No. Billcue does not collect payment of any of your invoices or statements. There is never any contact between Billcue and your customers.

Q9. Is there a limit to the number of customers I can manage in my account?
A. No. You can have an unlimited number of customers.

Q10. Can I put my own business logo on quotes, invoices and statements?
A. Yes. You can also customise your invoices to use your business colour.

Q11. How do my customers receive their quotes, invoices and statements?
A. Your customers are emailed a notice advising them that there is an invoice ready for them to view. You can also send SMS text notifications of invoices and quotes to your customers. Optionally, you can elect to have their invoice sent as a PDF attached to the email. They automatically get their own login area to view all their invoices, mark them them as paid, and view/print statements. They can also click a link in the email they receive to go directly to the invoice online, to view, print, pay and download a PDF of their invoice.

Q12. How do I pay for my subscription?
A. You need to pay by credit card, or visa/mastercard debit card, details of which you manage in your account American express is not accepted..

Q13. Can I can create an invoice and print it here so it can be delivered with the goods?
A.Yes, you can click the invoice number in the invoices list to download a PDF and then print the PDF.

Q14. Can I use an IMB bank account to keep a tally of cash flow?
A. No, there is no bank connectivity.

Q15. How much does it cost for us to create and send 40-50 invoices a month?
A. The monthly usage fee is $, regardless of how many invoices you create.

Q16. What sort of back up do you provide of information, invoices and transactions if your online storage should fail?
A. To minimise loss, there are daily backups of the whole webserver and separate daily backups of the database. Plus you can download all your data manually for use in Excel if you want to.