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What's the cost of old fashioned paper invoicing?

Total per invoice: $1.28

Invoices sent per month Paper billcue
20 $25.60 $11.00
50 $64.00 $11.00
100 $128.00 $11.00
500+ $640.00+ $11.00

All fees include GST.

The benefit is in being able to send as many invoices you want to your customers without the cost going up with each invoice. You'll know what your invoicing costs are in advance.

* Based on an average of 2 per minute to print, fold, and stuff: 100 = 50 mins + 10 mins to mail, Total time: 1 hour per 100 invoices ($25 to pay an office clerk to do it).


Easy for you:

Billcue has been designed so that it is simple and easy to use, even for people with only basic computer skills. The software is easy to follow and has no accounting jargon. Instructions are in plain “English” and easy to understand.

There is no need to purchase, install or download any expensive software. Simply login to the system via any internet connection or mobile device and you instantly have access to Billcue's many features.

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